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Seeing the big picture

You can plan to make all the money you want by investing ... but if you have to give one-third or more of it back in taxes, you may not feel as if you are investing to your true potential.

Denny Baker and Heidi Schultz can help you plan to fulfill that potential. As retirement planners who are also tax experts, they understand the tax implications of financial choices, and they can show you how to retain more money for your life and goals.

Taking care of the details

Having been accountants for so long, Denny and Heidi take a forensic and practical approach to retirement planning. At the same time, they also look forward - to estimate your future income needs, to create a tax-advantaged cash flow management strategy to preserve and enhance your retirement savings.

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The more you read and learn about this, the more you realize that this is the way to go. In fact, Denny and Heidi can present you with model scenarios showing you the difference that this kind of planning can make in pursuing your financial objectives. Ask them about it today, you’ll be glad you did.

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