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Denny wanted to expand the scope of the tax preparation business he started in 1982, and offer financial planning to help retirees in powerful ways. While some retirement planners focus on the return you get from your portfolio, what really counts is what you are left with after taxes. That is the money you will live on, and in retirement, that is what matters most.

Denny Baker and Heidi Schultz can help you restructure your finances for tax savings, invest to suit your goals, and arrange monthly cash flows so that you can live a more financially independent lifestyle. These retirement planners are also accountants, so they understand tax law, investment principles and asset management from all sides.

A three-dimensional approach

As retirement nears, it is all too easy to view your financial picture as a to-do list, with "items" like "investments", "taxes", and "income" to take care of and "cross off" one by one.

But addressing these aspects of your finances one at a time may not be the best way to do it, for decisions you make in one financial "dimension" may affect your choices in the other.

They do not exist in isolation, and investments, tax reduction, and income streams are not "retirement solutions" in themselves. Rather, these are components in a total tax and retirement planning strategy.

Baker and Schultz recognizes that all this planning must be integrated. Denny Baker, Heidi Schultz and their staff also know that integrating tax and retirement planning can potentially result in synergy, to help you pursue various financial goals in the same process.

Ready resources

In fact, Baker and Schultz is not limited to retirement and tax planning. Denny and Heidi can also direct you to estate planning and long term care resources. If they can’t answer your questions, they are well-networked with professionals who can.

Outside the box, beyond the ordinary, you’ll find exactly the kind of planning you need for retirement: the integrated tax and retirement planning of Denny Baker and Heidi Schultz. Don’t retire without it. Contact them today.

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